SmartPTT Dispatch Solution

The SmartPTT Dispatch solutions is part of an entire suite of features that include, GPS fleet tracking, system monitoring, text messaging, and more.
SmartPTT Features:

Two-way individual, group and all calls from SmartPTT Dispatch Console
Conference calls to individuals or groups
Recording of all voice calls even individual between subscribers
Job Ticketing
Lone Worker
Hot keys for quick private and group calls
Calling Subscriber Identification
Remote monitoring
Emergency calls
Voice calls and text message exchange between dispatchers (Intercom)
Radio check
Call alert
Radio Kill/Channel Denial
Voice announcements
Flexible sound control
Customizable Subscriber Call windows
Subscriber categorization
Configurable profiles to manage access of dispatchers to control stations, groups, services, MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect slots
Channel Selector for switching channels at the control stations
Muting of talk groups
Deferred voice calls and messages
SmartPTT is also available on a subscription basis, as part of our Southwest Trbo radio network.

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