Utility Fleet Management

Our communication solutions help you optimize your vehicles to service the supply chain and ultimately, your customers. Applications that track vehicles and shipments enable more on-time and accurate deliveries, all while improving safety and complying with regulatory requirements. Drivers are safer, costs are lower, and customers are satisfied.

Meet your deadlines safely and efficiently, and exceed expectations with communication solutions adapted to your needs.
Ensure the smooth flow of finished goods into the hands of your customers with access to real-time data and always-on communications. 
Mobile Communications for Wide Area Operations
Fleet Management
Track vehicle data such as current location and speed, and monitor route and schedule adherence, fuel consumption, ignition status and more.

Text Messaging and Email
Send messages and directions that don’t need an immediate response or when voice calls could disrupt those in the field or on the road.

Voice Dispatch
Control your mobile workforce from a central location. Dispatchers see who is available and using GPS coordinates, exactly where they are.  
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